Our trained gemologists are always happy to counsel in the selection of a diamond and ensure a fully informed decision. 

Cresalia Jewelers is a direct diamond importer utilizing the world’s largest diamond centers. We have a vast selection of diamonds varying in cut and color of  and quick access to many more diamonds to fit your precise needs.

Diamonds 101 

CUT, CLARITY, CARAT, and COLOR are known as the “Four C’s” in the Diamond business. They are the combination of qualities used to establish a diamond’s value. The finest stones possess the rarest quality in each of the 4C’s. When selecting a diamond, go for a stone that offers the best combination of the 4C’s. Understanding the diamond scale will help make an informed decision. Ultimately our clients discover their unique combination of 4C’s that make a particular diamond the best fit.


Canadian Diamonds

Cresalia's imports the Canadian Diamond, an exquisite diamond from Northern Canada. These diamonds are mined, cut, and polished in Canada and carefully selected, measured, and calibrated for their precise proportions and brilliance. Each diamond can be distinguished by a microscopically laser engraved logo on the girdle guaranteeing the authenticity of the Canadian Diamond. 


Cresalia Jeweler's guarantees that these diamonds are conflict-free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.